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2009 Company-Wide Top Producer

Barbara Hendrickson, REALTOR

I am a different kind of Realtor (and I like it that way). On one hand, I combine classic professionalism - expert negotiating skills, clear and reliable communication, marketing magic and vast knowledge of the real estate market and its metrics - with the calm under pressure that you expect from your Realtor. On the other hand, I am an artist, bringing creative energy to your real estate experience. I use this unique ability to support and guide you in imagining and exploring the full spectrum of possibilities throughout the process of buying and selling a home or commercial property.

Real estate is -- and has always been -- my passion. From the moment that you and I begin our work together, it is really all about you. I am committed to making your selling or buying experience as hassle-free and as much fun as possible. And I'll be there for you, well after the transaction closes.

I have been joyfully selling real estate in the East Bay for over 35 years, primarily in Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito, Kensington and Piedmont.

After 21 years as The Hendrickson Company, a boutique brokerage company that I started in 1979 with my former husband, and several years of gentle prodding from my friends, I joined Red Oak Realty in the fall of 2000. I immediately found Red Oak to be the perfect fit. Over the years I have enjoyed both success and delight from being a part of the Red Oak Realty family.

I am often asked about the image on my card and website. It's a painting that I made of a former client whose home I sold early in my real estate career. With her hands on her hips, right before she left me to hold her home open on a Sunday long ago, she turned to me and said, "I don't care what you do, just sell my house."

I grew up in New York City where I had the privilege of attending the High School of Music and Art as an art student, and then the University of Wisconsin in Madison. After graduating, I continued on to Berkeley, where I married, taught elementary school, wrote for the local paper, and raised my two sons Ben and Jonah. And, most recently since 2011 my community has expanded to include my granddaughters, Eva and Leah.

I live in a loft-like house with ceilings high enough to hang my paintings where sunlight that bounces off the colors and makes me laugh.

When I am not working with my clients, I relax by painting, going for rides in the country, taking walks in the hills, going to movies, museums, the symphony, and to dinner with friends.

It is my pleasure to give back to our community. Over the years I have served on the boards of The Berkeley Education Fund and The Berkeley Symphony, ROOF (Red Oak's Opportunity Fund) among others. Recently I have added The Berkeley Film Foundation, KQED and Shanti Project to community organizations that I am supporting

. I could tell you more about me, but I'll leave that to my clients.

"Whether you are selling or buying a home or a commercial property, you must have a Realtor who is smart and experienced. Someone who thinks on her feet. Someone who will represent your interests above all else. Barbara Hendrickson is that someone.

Her clients say that she is the brightest, funniest, most productive person they have ever met.

After 21 years as a partner at The Hendrickson Company and several years of gentle prodding from her friends at Red Oak Realty, Barbara joined us in the fall of 2000. In the spring of 2002 she was Red Oak's Top Producer. In 2003 she was Red Oak's over all Top Producer, and in 2005 and 2006 was the Top Producer at our Solano Avenue Office. This year she is once again the Top Producer for the first half of the year for all of Red Oak Realty.

Whether she's selling properties or painting her vibrant paintings, Barbara Hendrickson loves what she does.

Barbara served on the board of the Berkeley Public Education Foundation for many years and currently serves on board of The Berkeley Symphony Orchestra.

Barbara is committed to "giving back" to the community in order to help it become an even better place for her clients to live and work in.

All of the above make Barbara an especially effective real estate agent. Whether you are looking to buy or sell any kind of property in Berkeley, Kensington, Albany, El Cerrito, Oakland, or Piedmont, working with Barbara will assure you of success."
Laurie Capitelli, Sales Manager - Red Oak Realty

"When we needed to sell our first house, we thought we needed to interview at least three realtors, and we had already seen two that we liked. We liked the friendly Red Oak logo that we saw everywhere in our neighborhood, and so we explored their website and clicked on the list of agents.

Barbara Hendrickson's name linked to her own web site "". What a joy! A bright, friendly site that spoke for itself with the right amount of very useful information without the need of any unnecessary hype! Hmm, we thought, that could at least be fun to explore further. I send her an e-mail, and received an answer within 15 minutes, apologizing that she is in a meeting and didn't answer earlier! OK, I thought, she is not beating around the bush, is she? So we met a few days later, and Barbara quietly walked around the house with a big smile on her face.

It became quickly apparent that she understood our situation completely: why we had bought this house, what we liked about it, why we were selling it, and to whom the house might appeal to. Her enthusiasm was infectious from the beginning on, and over time we learnt to deeply appreciate the thoroughness of her preparation instructions, her wide-reaching network of inspectors, contractors, gardeners, painters, stagers, and colleagues, and lastly her skill in negotiations that quite frankly left us in awe!

It was beautiful to watch the wheels of experience and care work together in such focused unison. And most of all: the entire process was fun from beginning to end. Barbara gently nudged us along when we were getting off-track, but knew to give us room when we needed it, and was always cheerful.

She turned a dreaded, stress- filled endeavor into a fun, not-to-be-missed, and utterly rewarding experience. We feel thoroughly privileged to be her clients."
Bernhard Schmidt and Karen Schwelm

Thank you so much for helping us in the sale of our home in Oakland. We couldn't have chosen a more difficult time to put our home on the market; yet throughout the process your guidance, expertise and experience helped us make the right choices and ultimately enabled us to close on our home during a very difficult economic climate. Your years of experience in the Bay Area real estate market made a significant difference and allowed us to make a number of strategic decisions that certainly paid off for us. If we had more houses to sell we would certainly use Barbara!
Gary Ginstling

Barbara Hendrickson represented us when we bought our first house, and we were so pleased that we hired her to sell the house as well. As first-time buyers, we benefited from Barbara's extensive knowledge of the local market. Her expertise landed us the first home that we bid for - while our friends were repeatedly bidding on homes and losing out to other buyers.
As first-time sellers, we were even more grateful for Barbara's experience, integrity, and professionalism. Despite an increasingly soft housing market, we sold our house after only two weeks, while other houses on our street remained unsold for months. Barbara's judgment was excellent regarding which improvements and repairs needed to be made and which should simply be disclosed. And she saved us money with her list of contacts that provided quality work at a reasonable price. Barbara went beyond the call of duty. She agonized with us over paint colors, attended meetings with the landscaper, and supervised the preparation of the house after we left town. We highly recommend Barbara. Particularly in the extremely challenging Bay Area housing market, you need the help of a professional of her experience and calibre!
Connson and Jason Locke

I have only the highest praise and affection for Barbara. After my mother passed away last year, I was faced with the overwhelming task of having to sell our Berkeley family home. I hadn't seen Barbara for years (she had been my 5th grade teacher!) and to reconnect with her was a wonderful surprise. I very quickly found myself in very capable hands and was impressed with Barbara's 'vision' of what to do with the house. She had tremendous confidence and so many great ideas, that I felt completely comfortable with her decisions. She walked me through everything that needed to be done, always checking my comfort level for each decision, and I was delighted with the final staging of the house. It was more beautiful than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams and I like to think that it would have had my mother's blessing too.

People thought we were crazy to be selling a house right now, but once again, Barbara knew what she was doing and picked a fair price. When it was time to hear all the offers, I was shocked to hear the offers coming in over the listed price. Again, Barbara had described exactly how the process would work, and I felt safe with my decisions.

I whole-heartedly recommend Barbara as a real estate agent, knowing that it is in her personality and work ethic to treat all of her clients with the same loving, personal attention that I received.
Mary (Moore) Bower

We are very pleased with Barbara Hendrickson and the great job she did selling our house in Kensington. She not only negotiated a great price for us, but made the transaction painless....she managed the entire transaction from pre-listing to close while we were living in Colorado. Moreover, the sale had some additional complexity as it was part of a 1031 tax-deferred exchange, and was an old house with some need of repairs. A lot could have gone wrong, but did not, since Barbara was on top of all the details.

We also found her to be very responsive, and she always followed up and provided clear explanations. And she was fun to deal with!!

If we were ever to do a property transaction in her area, or if my friends were to do so, we would contact Barbara first. We are thrilled with the results and the process.
Jim and Michaelle Van Meter

I write to express my enthusiastic endorsement of Barbara Hendrickson as a real estate agent in the Oakland Berkeley area... As any of her clients can tell you, having Barbara as your agent is a tremendous asset. As a real estate attorney ... I can strongly endorse Barbara as an excellent agent. Barbara has her client's interest in mind at all times, she is willing to work diligently to meet her client's needs, and she knows how to represent her clients in the challenging Bay Area property markets. Her focus on her client's needs and her knowledge of the local area makes for a wonderful combination of skills and concerns. I would be happy to talk with anyone interested in hiring Barbara as their agent, either as a seller or a buyer.
Frederick Hertz

It was a real pleasure to have you represent with the selling of my parents home. It was nice of you to take on the challenge and issues with a probate sale and being so forth right in our endeavor.

Your expertise in staging was done in very good taste. Your paintings were bright, cheerful and colorful. This was our learning experience in dealing with real estate sales in this era ( of bidding and "as is" ) and it went so smoothly. It was an absolute pleasurable transition for all of us. Thanks for your patience and frequent updating calls. We felt you handled everything in a very professional way. We were very pleased.

We would not hesitate to recommend or ask for your services again. Thank you for keeping me calm where there was a time of my anxiety and frustration. You handled it with such patience, calmness and I commend you for your professionalism.

And in closing, I'm sure it was because of your in teaching and directing us and your personal contacts that the home was sold.
Terry and Susan

We should probably just go ahead and adopt Barbara. She has been the real estate agent for our family on so many transactions that we've lost count. She sold our first house and then twenty years later she sold our second house. She sold my mother-law's house, after her death, on behalf of our family. She sold our godparent's house for their estate. Recently she sold two very complicated mixed use commercial properties for us. She sold Virginia's sister's house in Berkeley which she found her ten years earlier. She has always been honest, energetic, and meticulous in her work with us, and she has always gotten us solid sales with qualified buyers for lots of money.

Come to think of it, we may just have Barbara adopt us. If you're looking for a sale, no foolin', call Barbara. If you want help in finding a home, call Barbara. She gets the job done, she's smart and a delight to work with, and she paints beautiful paintings. How can you beat that?
Al & Virginia Silbowitz

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise and healthy dose of patience during my home selling process. Your access to people who could help get the necessary work completed, as well as sage advice in preparing the house was surely a significant factor in why our house sold when others nearby languished. As a first time seller, I could only imagine the challenges that I would face, and it was great to have an ally in the process.

What impressed me the most was your willingness to keep our lines of communication always humming along. Your responsiveness to calls, emails and requests, large and small-even in the midst of your son's wedding(!)- demonstrates to me the sign of a true professional.

I look forward to recommending you to anyone I know buying or selling a home.

Barbara Hendrickson is a very smart, professional realtor. She sold our home on Oak Vale Avenue in the Claremont in a very short time frame at a price well beyond our expectations, $2,550,000. Achieving that price was the result of her carefully crafted marketing strategy and her close attention to detail during every step of the sale.

When we told Barbara we wanted to sell the house, she selected the date for the Open House based on factors we had not considered. We met with her and discussed all the information that she had gathered which helped us choose the right listing price.

Barbara worked on the sale of our house every day. We really felt supported by her. She was always "on it" and provided thorough answers right away to any question. She negotiated with the stager about scale, style and color throughout the house while we were busy packing up 32 years of stuff in 2 weeks.

Her marketing was consistently superb. Our home was shown by many agents and our Open Houses were very well attended.

Barbara represented us in a few other transactions including a large commercial building that we owned in Oakland where she brought us seven offers from both commercial and residential agents and made us $200,000 over asking, but that is another story.

Her skill at reading people and situations came into play throughout the process. We are so grateful for her years of experience and her creativity. She really worked for us and had our interests at heart. She has great negotiating skills, is funny and is really enjoyable to work with. This is the reason she is the top realtor at Red Oak. We have referred Barbara to many friends and family and all of them have had a great experience.

Dear Barbara,
I want to thank you and your team at Red Oak Realty for your terrific work on our behalf in selling our home in the Thousand Oaks neighborhood. Your services exceeded our expectations in every respect, and we ae pleased with the final outcome.

From the day we retained you as our agent, I could rely on you to be on top of every aspect of our sale effort, from preparing the house for the market to completing all the paperwork, and on through to negotiation the terms of the sale. You willingly dealt with all aspects of this effort - landscaping, window washing, staging, dealing with the city - and made the whole process as easy as it could be.

You were very thorough and professional in your approach, but also fun to work with. You kept in touch at every point and kept me informed at every turn. Throughout, you told me what I needed to know, about the strengths and weaknesses of our house and about market conditions, and provided sound advice.

I especially appreciated the high quality and attention to detail in your marketing efforts. The open houses were well-managed and well-staged, and the marketing and sales materials were all well done. I could see that the house was getting the kind of full exposure to the market that I wanted when we started this process.

Ultimately, it was your many years of experience in the local market and your extensive connections in the local network of agents that helped us find our buyer and close our sale. You followed up with an agent who had not seem our house, encouraged her to take a close look at the house, and convinced her to show it to her client. You then worked with that agent to find terms and a structure that worked for both the buyer and for us.

In the end, we got just what you promised us at the start: good advice, great service and a fair price.

We had such a good experience working with Barbara that when it was time to move again, we didn't have to think about it, we just called Barbara. Again, she came through for us. Since we were moving out of the state, she handled much of the preparations for getting our house ready to put on the market. She went above and beyond, handling the painting, remodeling, staging and landscaping. We knew we could trust Barbara's judgment, which helped ease the stress of selling a house from a long distance. Once on the market, we could not have been happier with the results: 5 offers after one week of marketing. After some skillful negotiations on Barbara's part we received well over our asking price with an offer that closed two weeks later.
Raul and Mia Posada

I contacted Barbara Hendrickson when I was first looking for a house and she was very helpful throughout the process. She helped me to look objectively at the market and do some comparison shopping to know what I was getting. She has a great feel for the east bay housing market and knows the right questions to ask.

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